Infographic: How to create engaging NHS internal communications

Uncover the secrets to creating truly engaging NHS internal communications.

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How to create engaging NHS internal communications

We can all push out internal communications. But creating internal communications that truly engage is a very different kettle of fish.

To become the master of engaging NHS internal communications there are many factors that need to come together at the same time. This infographic will help:

• Remind you of the challenge you are facing as an NHS internal communicator
• Put the essential foundations in place to deliver engaging NHS internal communications
• Plan and structure every email to maximise engagement

For further guidance and useful tips on how to create engaging NHS staff emails, tune into the recording of our 25-minute webinar.

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How to create engaging NHS internal communications

Discover more on this topic in our ‘How to make your NHS internal comms email more engaging’ webinar recording.

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Rachel Stidworthy

Marketing Manager

With over 15 years’ experience in communications I have seen first-hand the difference strong internal communications can make. I am passionate about helping organisations reap the rewards of an engaged workforce and feel privileged to work for an organisation that has this same passion. We can achieve more when we work together towards the same goals. 

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