Trusted Delivery from NewZapp

Trusted Delivery or MailChimp?

Mailchimp are the largest external email marketing provider for good reason, they provide a fantastic platform for sending volume email.

But are they the right fit for NHS internal communication emails? 


Choosing the right platform for your needs

Obvious spoiler alert – we believe it is Trusted Delivery! But your procurement policy will be looking for more than that when choosing your email delivery supplier.

There are two things you should demand from any provider. 


Your emails reach the inbox everytime.


Your data is secure and never at risk.

So why should you choose Trusted Delivery over Mailchimp when both look to meet these demands on the surface?

nhs email provider


Email marketing providers send spoofed emails, always have, always will. They send your emails from their servers “pretending” to be you.

Blocking spoofed email is now a fundamental part of the NHSmail security policy. While once they would arrive in  junk folders or in the inbox with a click warning bar at the top, now they just get rejected entirely and don’t even make it to the recipient’s mailbox. 

As a result, Mailchimp will not be able to deliver emails at all. This is also true of other email providers as well.  

We are the only provider who Guarantee Delivery

NewZapp does not send spoofed email. We have worked with our existing NHS clients and NHS Digital to create Trusted Delivery. 

A delivery engine that adheres to NHSmail security to the point where we are 100% happy to guarantee delivery to the inbox. No junk folders, no warning and you will see the engagement metrics that are vital to an effective communications strategy.

Trusted Delivery

What our clients have to say

Guaranteed Email Delivery

NewZapp is the first and only Email Service Provider who can deliver mass email to inboxes.

Guaranteed delivery. Vital NHS staff bulletin emails will arrive safely and securely in recipient inboxes.

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Only one question. “Is the data stored safely in the UK?”

Trusted Delivery 1 – 0 Mailchimp

IT security has always been important for organisations but as we store more data about individuals and have many more access points to that data, the need for even stricter IT security has become inevitable for all organisations.

This is particularly evident within the NHS where the need to prevent computer viruses from entering the infrastructure is more important than ever. 

Certified & UK based software

NewZapp takes the security of your data extremely seriously. In addition to complying with NHS Digital requirements we also maintain the following standards:


Taking a look at the contenders core features.

trusted delivery
trusted delivery v mailchimp


Trusted Delivery

100% delivery guaranteed. Your emails reach the inbox every time.


No delivery at all with spoofed emails being blocked.

Service Location

Trusted Delivery

UK based and hosted.


US based and cloud hosted.


Trusted Delivery

Delivering email for over 20 years.


Delivering email for over 20 years.


Trusted Delivery

Designed and built for internal communication. 

Easy to use.

Create branded email comms.

No limit to number of groups or contacts.

Detailed analytics from every email.


Aimed at retailers & SME’s.

Excellent integration with WordPress and Shopify.

No branded templates.

Strict spam & bounce policy enforcement.

Detailed analytics from every email.

Unsubscribe Link​

Trusted Delivery

Removed from all internal communication campaigns.


Fixed to all campaigns.


Trusted Delivery

ISO 27001 certified.

Cyber Essentials certified.

ICO Registered 100% UK GDPR Compliant.

HM Government G-Cloud supplier.

IDM Member.

Full D.P.I.A available on request.


Member of the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group.

Only compliant with the EU-U.S./Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.

No ISO 27001 or G-Cloud registration.

No D.P.I.A evident.

Account Management​

Trusted Delivery

Dedicated account managers with experience in NHS internal communications delivery. 

Support available by phone or email in the UK. 

Billed annually via invoice.


Online ticketing and knowledgebase forums. 

Limited phone support available at additional cost. 

Accounts only available on a monthly basis via credit/debit card. 


Mailchimp offer a great product. It continues to be the leading supplier to large retailers and SME’s the world over. But using it for NHS internal communication campaigns just doesn’t work. 

Trusted Delivery is a solution created for, and with the guidance of, the NHS to allow you to send emails to your staff that will deliver every time and allow you to see exactly how your staff are engaging with your internal communications.