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Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

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Award Winners!

Huge congratulations to Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust for winning the Internal communications and staff engagement awards at the NHS Communicate Awards! 

“Judges were ‘blown away’ by our ‘inspirational’ Reflections on Pandemic project, Huge thanks to all the staff who participated in the poetry – interviews, workshops and events”


The Challenge

With 4,000 employees Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is the biggest employer in the Salisbury area. They rely upon email to keep their staff informed sending over 100,000 emails each month.

Salisbury has been using NewZapp for their external communications since 2016. But a change in the NHS security policy resulted in NewZapp being used for the internal communications too.

The change in policy put a ban on email spoofing which meant Salisbury’s internal communications were no longer getting through to their staff. Salisbury started to use NewZapp as a workaround, but it was a very restrictive way of communicating.

Rather than creating the email in NewZapp, sending it to their staff and monitoring the analytics, they had to create the email in NewZapp and forward that email to Outlook before sending it.

This did at least mean visually appealing emails could get through, but they had to sacrifice visibility over engagement data and were unable to personalise their emails.

The Solution

At NewZapp we make it our mission to help our clients deliver effective communications and have been doing so for over 20 years. The way in which Salisbury’s internal communications team was forced to operate goes against everything we stand for so, together with five other NHS partners, we embarked on a project to find a solution.

With the knowledge and insight of five NHS partners , we created a new internal communications solution called NewZapp Trusted Delivery. Specific to the NHS, our internal comms software not only guarantees the delivery of internal emails, but also provides visibility over how staff are interacting with their communications.

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust now benefit from:

  • Guaranteed internal email delivery.
  • Confidence that NewZapp Trusted Delivery meets the stringent NHS Digital IT standards.
  • Detailed analytics that show engagement levels and inform future decisions.
  • User friendly personalisation and segmentation options.
  • A highly intuitive email editor to create visually appealing emails.
  • Confidence in our 20-year pedigree, ISO 27001 accreditation and GDPR compliance.

The Results

The internal communications Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust send vary from a line manager round-up to COVID sitrep comms. They send over 100,000 internal emails every month. Every one of these emails is guaranteed to reach the required destination and they do so far quicker than Outlook was able to achieve.

But it is the increased visibility that makes the biggest difference. Salisbury can now see the performance of every single email. Since using NewZapp Trusted Delivery they have used the analytics to inform their strategy which has increased their open rates to 60%.

Lydia Davies, Deputy Head of Communications at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust uses NewZapp Trusted Delivery day-in-day-out and she summarises the difference the software has made to her and the wider internal communications team:

“NewZapp Trusted Delivery is the only internal communications software provider to meet the NHS Digital polices and they have absolutely nailed it. I know that everything I send will reach everyone so now I can focus on creating engaging communications rather than the logistics of how to send the emails.”

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Trusted Delivery

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NewZapp takes the security of your data extremely seriously. In addition to complying with NHS Digital requirements we also maintain the following standards:

  • Secure UK-based servers that are monitored 24/7
  • ISO 27001: 2017 certification
  • UK GDPR & EU GDPR compliant
  • Cyber Essentials certification
  • UK Data Protection Act compliant
  • Regular independent security audits