Trusted Delivery from NewZapp

Trusted Delivery or Outlook?

Why not just use Microsoft Outlook for your internal communications campaigns. It is free after all.

But what are you missing out on? 


Internal comms email via Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has been the go to email solution for decades and technically free from a cost point of view. (Subject to individual Microsoft licences and other organisational requirements!) So why would you pay for another email provider? 

There are three key things you are missing out on. 


The difference between send time and actual delivery can be hours.


Vital KPI metrics for you to use in management meetings.


Branded mobile responsive emails that stand out in a crowded inbox.

So why make the switch to Trusted Delivery?


How long does it take for your urgent email communications to reach all your staff?

It’s 9am and there is a problem. You need to send an email campaign to the 10,000 NHS employees you are responsible for A.S.A.P. 

Outlook is limited to 30 emails a minute for sending, your campaign will take well over 5 hours to deliver.

In a nutshell – if your surname begins with a “V” no vital email for you until well after lunchtime!

Trusted Delivery will have that campaign out in under 30 mins.

Trusted Delivery

What our clients have to say

Guaranteed Email Delivery

NewZapp is the first and only Email Service Provider who can deliver mass email to inboxes.

Guaranteed delivery. Vital NHS staff bulletin emails will arrive safely and securely in recipient inboxes.

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Creating an internal communications email in Outlook with its limited design tools and no mobile responsive capabilities is a challenge.

Trusted Delivery has a drag & drop email editor that will have you creating amazing email campaigns in minutes.

Our easy to use editor requires no HTML knowledge and every email newsletter will be mobile responsive.


Hands up who remembers Read Receipts? This is the basic email analytics Outlook has to offer. Countless email acknowledgments sent back to the sender in an incoherent order.  Internal Communications analytics are vital if good employee employee engagement is to be achieved. 

The top 3 outcomes from good internal comms data

Leadership Buy-in

17% of internal comms professionals state that their biggest battle is seeking buy-in from their leadership team.

It means that internal comms becomes a valid, valuable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that can be measured alongside other business goals.

Company Culture

Good analytics gives you the power to confirm staff understand where they fit within department goals and how they contribute to the success.

With better communications reaching more people your staff will have a greater understanding of the organisational vision and goals.

Improved Efficiency

Internal communications email analytics streamline operations.

Knowing email campaigns work makes your working life easier. It will also help you work more collaboratively with other colleagues who hold responsibility for internal comms or employee engagement.

Trusted Delivery Email Analytics

We offer every element of statistical analysis you will need. From open and click rates, to which device the email is opened on.

Our Peak Engagement Heatmap show what time you campaigns had the most engagement and a hotspot overview shows where the most clicks where achieved on the email. 

email analytics

Case Study

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust were using Outlook to deliver their campaigns to 4,000 employees. They switched to Trusted Delivery in July 2021.

They send over 100,000 internal emails every month. Every one of these emails is guaranteed to reach the required destination and they do so far quicker than Outlook was able to achieve.

But it is the increased visibility that makes the biggest difference. Salisbury can now see the performance of every single email. Since using NewZapp Trusted Delivery they have used the analytics to inform their strategy which has increased their open rates to 60%.