Trusted Delivery Case Study

The Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

Email deliverability guaranteed and a new level of insight for the Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust


The Challenge

The Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust have over 10,000 employees. Email is their primary communication channel but due to strict spoofing and security requirements, the NHS IT security policy was preventing their emails from reaching their employees. Many were falling directly into junk folders and all emails had a security alert advising the employees not to click on any links. That’s approximately 30,000 emails a week that were not reaching their employees effectively.

The RD&E NHS Foundation Trust knew that they needed to find a solution but after making many enquiries they were struggling to find an email provider that could work with the NHS IT security policy. In addition to the delivery problems, the RD&E NHS Foundation Trust also wanted to be able to better personalise their emails and have better insight into how well their communications were received by their employees.

The Solution

RD&E contacted us about the problems they were facing and as a solution provider with 20 years’ experience in email communications we recognised how important it was to find a resolution. Effective employee communications are hugely important, none more so than for NHS staff. We therefore embarked on an exploration project to identify the best solution.

Once we had all of the information our development team got to work. Using our existing email platform, we were able to build a new NHS specific delivery channel to ensure internal emails reach every employee without a security warning and without going into the junk folder. Our solution meets the NHS IT security policy, is ISO 27001 certified and is GDPR compliant. Becky Parry, Communications Manager at the RD&E explains what the solutions means to them:

“We had been struggling with the problem for so long we couldn’t believe it when NewZapp told us they had a solution. We’re just so grateful that NewZapp took the time to understand the challenges we faced and then had the dedication to find us a solution. Their experience in this field and security credentials meant that everyone was happy with the solution and we were able to get it up and running really quickly.”

NewZapp are the only internal communication solution that meets the stringent NHS IT requirements. As well as finding a solution, our Dedicated Account Manager provided onboarding, system support and CPD certified training to help everyone quickly reap the benefits of the solution.

The Results

In addition to ensuring all emails are delivered effectively, NewZapp also gives the Communications team a completely new level of insight.  Previously they had no knowledge of whether people were engaging with the comms or clicking on links in emails and so loaded every email with the whole copy they needed people to read. Using NewZapp’s real-time engagement reports they were able to demonstrate this wasn’t the best approach.

As a result, they can now:

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Trusted Delivery

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