Onboarding Program

The Trusted Delivery onboarding program begins the minute you become a customer.
You and your team will be greeted by your dedicated customer Account Manager who will work with you to create a plan.

This program is designed to ensure your Trusted Delivery setup & implementation
meets your needs and is giving you the results you want as quickly as possible.

Introduction Meeting

The objective of this meeting is to officially kick off the onboarding program.

In this stage all Trusted Delivery system users will be introduced to their new Account Manager.

We jointly define the specifications, configuration, timeline and resources required for the onboarding program of Trusted Delivery into your organisation.

Technical Setup

Trusted Delivery is the only email provider who guarantees delivery of your internal comms emails. Getting the right technical setup is critical to this guarantee.

During this very simple step we will co-ordinate with you and your IT team to activate your Trusted Delivery account ready for the safe delivery of your campaigns. 

Template Design

Protect your brand. Streamline your workflow. Engage your employees.

All Trusted Delivery email templates are purpose-built to serve your needs and look their best whether they’re opened on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Our designers will consult with you to make sure what we deliver meets your goals and adheres to NHS brand guidelines.

User Training

Training can start as soon as you log in to your account.

Your new Account Manager will run through all of the key areas of the platform to get you up and running, including:

  1. Creating your campaigns
  2. Contact import and management
  3. Account preferences
  4. Understanding the analytics

This 60 - 90 minute session can per performed on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom. 

Your First Campaign

Once your account is ready, bespoke email designs are complete, and technical specifications are in place, you’re set to complete your first campaign send.

Your Account Manager will walk you through your first campaign send. Including help with:

  1. Finalising your campaign
  2. Sending a proof copy
  3. Selecting an audience
  4. Scheduling a campaign
  5. Analysing the real-time reporting
Onboarding Complete

Now the onboarding is complete, your Account Manager will remain as your main point of contact.

They will be on hand for any support queries and will schedule regular account review calls to discuss medium and long term goals.

Working together on your successful internal communications strategy.