How to make your NHS internal comms emails more engaging

Watch this 25 minute webinar for best practice and tips on creating more engaging NHS internal comms emails. You will discover:

  • The language, format and frequency that is most successful
  • The importance of relevancy
  • The 5 must haves to maximise engagement 

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No more problems created by spoofed email addresses

In response to the stringent measures put in place by NHS Digital which prevent emails being delivered from spoofed addresses, we have created a solution that guarantees your email delivery.

We are the only email service provider able to guarantee delivery that is fully compatible with the NHS Digital Governance and Information Security Management policies.

Email delivery trusted by:

Are you using Mailchimp?

Mailchimp are the largest external email marketing provider for good reason, they provide a fantastic platform for sending volume email. But are they the right fit for NHS internal communication emails?

Royal Devon & Exeter Case Study

The Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust have over 10,000 employees. Email is their primary communication channel but due to strict spoofing and security requirements their emails from reaching their employees.

Guaranteed Delivery

NewZapp is the first and only Email Service Provider to have found a trusted delivery solution. Already in use by a number of NHS Trusts, NewZapp is 100% compatible with NHSmail and completely removes all challenges.

Trusted Delivery


NewZapp has been trusted to deliver important internal communications for over 15 years. 

We specialise in supporting the NHS and local government organisations to deliver internal comms, whilst also providing the analytics required to continually improve communication strategies.

Trusted Delivery from NewZapp is a Government G-Cloud approved supplier for an efficient procurement process.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) business, NewZapp is continually evolving to provide you with highly intuitive, engaging email communication software that continually benefits from the latest technological developments.

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NewZapp – Trusted Delivery.