Trusted Delivery from NewZapp

Guaranteed NHSmail inbox delivery

Email delivery direct to mailboxes. No spoofing or warning of external email. Full tracking of emails opened and links clicked.

trusted delivery

Guaranteed Email Delivery

Your Trusted Delivery package will include everything you need to create professional looking internal communications to send to your staff, manage your database and measure your successes.

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The Solution

NewZapp Trusted Delivery is an award-winning internal communication platform that overcomes your email delivery challenges. We are the only email service provider to achieve this. 

Our NHS Trust clients benefit from:

  • 100% guaranteed delivery to &
  • No spoofing issues.
  • No slow sending queues that clog up Outlook.
  • An intuitive platform for a quick and easy way to work.
  • A content editor that creates visually appealing comms.
  • Detailed analytics to measure performance.
  • ISO 27001 certified, an exceptional level of security.